Mar. 27th, 2020


Group C - Round One

From the darkness, there came a "Who are you, who, who, who who. The audience chimed in still in the inky blackness. Faith sang out loud and strong. Four ginormous outlined in purple masks lit the stage. Each mask as big as King Kong. The massive masks started flashing, then the lights changed to a marque style.

The main reflector zoomed in a Faith, in a chocolate jumpsuit that hugged her curves, as she sang the final, " Oh, who the (bleep) are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)" Standing on their feet the crowd was on an excitement high, clapping and cheering. On the last who, the gigantic masks turned solid purple. The floodlights followed the back up dancers who were in the apex with the judges, twirling them, then waist bumping. As the judges were lit, the crowd started yelling to them.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome," Faith began. Singing made her happy and at this moment she was very happy. She did the tug on the ear trick made famous by Carol Burnett as a shout out to Giles, Jenny, Dawn and Finn.

"Good evening," she began as the dancers made their way to back stage. On the far left side, you could see the Frog Costume displayed, to the far right the Rose and blank were also on display.The massive masks turned to black with a purple outline.

"I'm still Faith Lehane and this is the Masked Singer Galador style. If you missed last week," she began, waving at the youngster on the first row waving at her, "you missed some fine performances. Thank you to all the masks performing tonight. Let's give thanks to Queen Shiklah, for hosting this program in her brand new state-of-the are facility."

"Last Monday, we raised $5,000.00 making our grand total $7,500.00. Thank you for your kind generosity as all proceeds go to the Group Home. Let's see if we can continue that streak."

"Now, I'd like to introduce, the girl who causes more wet dreams," Faith practiced saying it but still she blushed, "than McDonalds' serves hamburgers, give it up for the beautiful bombshell," before she could even get the name out the audience went wild, the second she started to say the name, the house lights all came up, "Bea Wilson, ladies and gentlemen."

[info]shadowjace in [info]ohanascenes

Who: Jace Wayland and Malcom Bright.
What: Jace having coffee with a mundane.
When: Friday morning, 3/27/2020.
Where: Local coffee shop.

Jace didn’t go out... )

Mar. 26th, 2020

[info]shadowjace in [info]ohanascenes

Who: Jace Wayland and Clary Fairchild
What: Clary picking up Jace from the Welcome Center and showing him around the NYC Institute.
When: 3/26/2020
Where: Welcome Center, then NYC Institute.
Open: Clary Fairchild, Jace Herondale, Alec.
Lightwood, ALL Shadow Hunters.

Jace was already overwhelmed... )

Mar. 24th, 2020


Wedding pictures

Close up


Mar. 20th, 2020


MS Judging Group A

Mar. 17th, 2020

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I still can't believe I'm a father. Little Yara is now 7 months old and to me, she is so precious.

After all that I had lost before I came here things like that still amaze me. I just wish my sister was here to meet her namesake.

Mar. 15th, 2020


MS rotation and first group

Everyone has a vote, not each character. Please vote on your favorite Mask.

The competition officially starts as soon as Bea introduces the Frog and gives the clue.

Here is the list of Masked Singers who will perform in the first round. Post in order. Masks post after Bea introduces them and shares first clue. All posts should be finished by next Sunday.

Group A

Frog -1
Butterfly -2
Rubber Duck-3
Ladybug -4
Skeleton -5
Astronaut -6
Mouse -7

Next week Group B will post and so on.

Night one -
Introductory post.
Bea comments starting show.
Bea - Introduces first Mask sharing the first clue.
Mask does post.
Bea re-introduces Judges
Judges post
After the first group is finished- Voting is available

To finish the thread after the voting.(seven days to vote)
Bea announces the first Mask (from Group A) that is leaving.
Voted off Mask will show who they are and post more if they choose.